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The Delta County Historical Society's Winter Outreach Series (click here for media release)

City-Wide Rummage Sale
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Trash to Treasure Day
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Escanaba Public Library to Host Great Michigan Read Book Discussion in Escanaba
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Java With Jim scheduled for 04/16/14 has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.

AFTER THE FIRE:  A fire will change your life in many ways that you cannot imagine. Knowing where to begin and who can help you is important. This informational booklet issued by the Department of Public Safety is designed to assist anyone that has experienced a fire in getting through the things that need to be done after the fire.
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 This is a reminder for those who have already had frozen pipes. Do not shut off your “let run” if your service line had already frozen. It will likely re-freeze, if shut off. 
 Even though the temperatures have risen doesn’t mean the frost is gone. Please allow more time for the spring weather to do its job.

Please don’t shut off the “let run” until you are notified by the Water Department.
Local Author Phil Lynch and the Bay Brass Quintet Present "From Spirituals to Swing" at the Escanaba Public Library
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Special Edition E-Newsletter
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April 2014 E-Newsletter
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MEDC Announces 2014 Redevelopment Ready Communities Program Participants
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Use of YMCA Facilities and Civic Center Facilities During Water Service Freeze Ups
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Water Service Freeze Up Warning
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Winter Fire Safety Tips
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2013 Year-End Planning Commission Report
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Department of Justice Program Focused on Protecting Escanaba's Children
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2013 Citizen's Guide to "How the City of Escanaba Spends Your Money"
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National Register of Historic Places Report
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Esky 150 Photographs
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Escanaba Public Library Offers Online Magazines
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