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Check out the GIS available online

  Thanks to the City Engineering office, the assessing information is now linked to a map so you can get information on a parcel by clicking on that parcel.  Make sure to write down the login and password and remember they are case sensitive.


The Assessment Change Notices Are Out
(End of February each year)

 The Assessing Department has the responsibility of preparing the assessment and tax rolls for the City for all property that is not exempt. The State of Michigan Constitution requires that property be assessed at 50% of true cash value.  The County Equalization Department does studies each year to determine how much value you need to gain or lose each year in each class, ie: residential, commercial, industrial, etc.  They use sales studies if there are enough sales in a particular class or a field appraiser comes out and does a field inspection should there not be enough sales.  An assessor has the responsibility to address the difference in value for the next years assessments, however if they do not the State will equalize the assessment roll and that number would appear as the State Equalized Value, which would be different than the assessed value.  In the City of Escanaba the Assessed Value and State Equalized Value are the same.

The third value on your assessment change notice is the taxable value.  This is the value that you are taxed on.  Proposal A was a constitutional amendment passed in 1994 that placed additional limits on the values used to calculate property taxes. Beginning in 1995, property taxes were calculated by levying the millage on the taxable value, rather than the state equalized value.  This value adjusts every year by the Inflation Rate Multiplier or 5% whichever is less.  For 2015 the inflation rate multiplier is 1.6%.  Everyone’s taxable value will go up 1.6% unless: 1)the property has become uncapped or transferred to a new owner during the previous year 2)there has been new construction or demolition on the property or 3)the taxable value would be more than the assessed, which cannot occur so then the taxable value will be the same as the assessed.

THIS IS NOT A TAXBILL... then what is it?

If you believe your assessed or taxable value is incorrect you may protest to the Board of Review. 

Dates for 2019:
Monday, March 11th
9-12 or 1-4 BY APPOINTMENT
Wednesday, March 13th 1-4 or 6-9 WALK IN

Please fill out the form below if you are walking in.  For taxpayers with an appointment we will have one ready for you at the meeting.

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