Boards and Commissions

City Hall

Citizen participation is an important reason why Escanaba enjoys a reputation as a progressive, home rule city. Your City Government needs your support and advice in its continuing efforts toward responsive local government. Participation on City Boards, Commissions, and Committees is the major way you can contribute.

The Mayor, with City Council consensus, appoint Board, Commission, and Committee Members after reviewing notifications of interest from resident applicants. Individuals interested in serving may pick up an application form at the City Clerk's Office, have a form mailed to them by the City Clerk's Office, or simply apply online.

Board, Commission, and Committee duties are specified by the City Council, ordinance, or by resolution. All members of Boards, Committees, and Commissions are limited to City residents. Certain members of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and the Library Board, which is established in the City Administrative Code, are the exceptions.