Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission (HDC) was established by the City Council to regulate the construction, addition, alteration, repair, moving, excavation, and demolition of resources in historic districts within the city limits. The purposes of such regulations are intended to:

  • Safeguard the heritage of the City of Escanaba by preserving districts which reflect elements of its history, architecture, archeology, engineering, or culture.
  • Stabilize and improve property values in each district and surrounding areas.
  • Foster civic beauty.
  • Strengthen the local economy.
  • Promote the use of historic districts for the education, pleasure, and welfare of the citizens of the City of Escanaba and of the State of Michigan.
  • Establish a Commission to act as a resource for economic development within the City of Escanaba.

The HDC is made up of seven members who are appointed to three-year terms.

Regular meetings of the HDC are held on the 3rd Monday of March, June, September, and December at 4:15pm in City Hall in Room C101 (Council Chambers).


Name Position Term Ending
Don Curran Chair October 1, 2026
Judith Fouts Vice Chair October 1, 2024
Karen Lindquist Secretary October 1, 2026
Myra Croasdell   October 1, 2025
Rebecca McIntyre   October 1, 2025
Monte Morrison   October 1, 2024
Ellie O'Donnell   October 1, 2026
Tyler Anthony Administrative Liaison  
Karen Moore Council Liaison