Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

In 1997, Escanaba’s City Council decided that creating a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority would be in the best interest of the public. The City of Escanaba Brownfield Authority (CEBRA) designates Brownfield redevelopment zones and individual properties that are functionally obsolete or are likely to be environmentally distressed pursuant to Act 381 of 1996. The goal of this Authority is to encourage the reuse and redevelopment of property which is less desirable than “greenfields” – property which has not been previously developed by reimbursing developers for costs involved in making damaged property as desirable as untouched property.

The Authority meets at the call of the Chair, City Hall in Room C101


Name Position Term Expiring Phone Number
Thomas Warstler Chair April 1, 2026 906-553-9020
Charles Vader Vice Chair April 1, 2024 906-280-3362
Richard Clark   April 1, 2024 906-399-8868
Monte Morrison   April 1, 2024 906-789-0424
Matthew Sviland   April 1, 2026 906-786-3412
James McNeil Administrative Liaison   906-786-9402
Todd Flath Council Liaison   906-280-3477