Application Process for Medical and Adult-Use Marijuana Facilities

1. Obtain Pre-Qualification Status from the State of Michigan

 Obtain pre-qualification status with the State of Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency:

2. Apply for a City of Escanaba Marihuana License

The application form is linked below. The application must include:

  • Completed application form
  • Non-refundable application fee: $5,000
  • Advance payment of annual administrative fee: $5,000
  • All documents identified in Section 9 of the Application

The City may also request supplemental information or documents.

3. Apply for Special Use Authorization from the City of Escanaba

Special use authorization must be obtained from the City Planning Commission within 12 months after the application date.

4. Receive All Required Operating Licenses & Approvals from State of Michigan

The applicant must receive all required site-specific operating licenses and approvals from LARA (CRA) within 18 months after the application date.

5. Receive Any Other Required Local Approvals
The applicant must comply with all City building, zoning, and other requirements, and must have all required inspections completed. This includes, but is not limited to, a final fire inspection (applicant responsibility) and a final inspection by Planning & Zoning Department officials.

6. Receive Final Authorization

Upon completion of all requirements under the City Code and City Zoning Ordinance, the City Clerk will confirm in writing that the applicant has final authorization to proceed with operating the marihuana facility. This authorization is valid for 1 year and will run concurrently with the State license.

This license is valid for 1 year and will run concurrently with the State license.