City Charter / Ordinances


All Ordinances are recorded and indexed in an Ordinance Record and are authenticated by the signature of the Mayor and City Clerk.  The most current City Ordinances can be viewed at the City Clerk's Office, 906.786.1194

The City Code of Ordinances contains the initial 1921 City Charter, and consists of rules and regulations which govern the City of Escanaba and its citizens. All ordinances, after a public hearing is held, are adopted by a concurrence of a majority of all the members of the Council.

All Ordinances must be published once within one week of their passage, in a newspaper printed and circulated within the City. The City Clerk shall certify on the records of ordinances the date of publication and newspaper in which it was published. Ordinances take effect ten (10) days from the date of its publication.


City Code of Ordinances Online!

Recently Adopted City Ordinances can be obtained by clicking on the above link.