Investigation Division

Public Safety

Detective Bureau

The Department of Public Safety Detective Bureau provides support assistance to the Patrol Division by assuming investigative responsibility involving major crimes occurring within the City. Detectives are tasked with conducting fire investigations, crime scene investigations, serious traffic crashes, computer and technology based crimes, financial crimes, robbery, home invasion, and countless other felonies needing extensive follow-up.

In addition, Detectives are frequently asked to provide presentations to local area groups and address a variety of concerning topics. Also, they attend local and regional meetings with other police agency Detectives to discuss on-going investigations and commonalities between jurisdictions.

Detectives of the Department of Public Safety have an excellent working relationship with the other local police agency Detectives in Delta County. They are often called to assist with investigations occurring within Delta County and other police agency Detectives are often called to assist with major investigations occurring within the City of Escanaba. This working relationship has proven very beneficial in solving the areas major crimes.